Drobo Dashboard connects then fails every second or so


I use a Macbook Pro (snowleopard) and have had no issues with my drobo and drobo share until recently. I noticed that it was not connected so followed the instructions on the web and uninstalled and reinstalled drobo dashboard. Now it keeps flashing between “no drobo connected” and the overview screen every 1 second or so.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks

What version of dashboard are you running?
How are you connecting to your drobo? USB or FW?

Sorry about that, did fully intend to! I am using a drobo with drobo share so it is connected via network. I dont have any issues mapping to the drive and my PC with drobo dashboard is working ok. For some unknown reason the mac has just stopped connecting to it and I don’t know why.

Regards and Happy New Year![hr]
Oh and dashboard 1.6.6 (1.6.24917)!

Some kind of firewall on the Mac?

Checked that but thanks!

The mac can or cannot still map to the Droboshare?

The Mac can still see the drobo share, it is just the dashboard that is not working.

Hmmm, it’s either something on your network or your Mac blocking dashboard or you might need to directly connect the drobo to a computer that has the same file system (hfs+ = mac, ntfs = windows) and perform a chkdsk or repair disk.

Personally, I would recommend the chkdsk/repair disk first.