Drobo Dashboard Cannot Detect Drobo Unit

I am using a 4-bay Drobo Gen2 on a quad core iMac running OSX 10.7.2 (problem began with OSX 10.6). Drobo Dashboard 2.03 is losing connection to my Drobo unit. This can be fixed by restarting the computer but the connection is lost again after a couple of days. When I open DD, it shows that no devices are detected, yet I can access the drive with no problem and it appears on my desktop. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a way to force DD to see my Drobo unit other than performing a restart? Does it make a difference whether DD is in 32- or 64-bit mode? This has been driving me nuts and Support has not been a help.

This is a long standing bug in the Mac version of Dashboard. If you leave Dashboard running all the time it will continue to see the Drobo, but if you quit it and start it again later odds are good that it will no longer work. You can fix it without rebooting by killing the DDserviced processes (they will automatically restart) and then starting Dashboard.

Thanks, this worked! My main concern about DD not “seeing” my Drobo is whether or not this impacts the data protection aspect of using a Drobo? If DD is not seeing my Drobo, is my data not being protected in case of a drive failure?

Data protection is done on the Drobo itself and will keep working regardless of the state of Dashboard. The Dashboard utility is just for status reporting and administration; you could uninstall it and the Drobo would retain all its capabilities.


Thank you for this information, it puts my mind at ease. I won’t concern myself over whether DD is working correctly or not. Cheers!

Have the same issue. Like you say it’s not something I’m overly worried about as the Mac still sees the Drobo as an attached device

By the way Matt, where do you find the DDServiced processes. I find DDAssist in the Activity Monitor but nothing else

In the Activity Monitor you should see DDService64d and DDServiced in addition to DDAssist.

I saw my mistake, I was filtering the Activity Monitor processes to My Processes not All Processes to include Root. Thanks for the info

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