Drobo Dashboard and Mac OS X Lion

Just wanted to post a warning to the Mac users upgrading to Lion.

Drobo Dashboard version 1.7.3, 1.8.4, and 2.0.0 will not install on Lion. The installer will not even launch.

If you are upgrading from a system with Drobo Dashboard already installed it works just fine. But a clean install of Lion will not allow you to install the Drobo Dashboard.

Thanks for the heads up. That helps those running the developer builds.

Tested 2.0.1 today and it also will not install on Lion.

I hope DRI is testing a build on Lion.

Today I tested the OS X Lion GM release with Drobo Dashboard 2.0.2 and it installs and runs without issue.

So I would say this problem is solved.

Installs, but doesn’t see my Drobo. :expressionless: Seems like there are still issues.

I was able to install and use it with a DroboPro and Drobo. If it’s not working for you then there may still be issues.

More users need to respond so we can get an idea of how it is working across a more broad range of hardware.

As of today I notice that 2.0.3 is available which I’ve just installed. I was wondering though, the KB notes on Lion seem to be a bit ambiguous and talk about if a Drobo was setup on Lion with 2.0.1 or earlier it will go into a continuous reboot loop. This doesn’t say if you update your Mac to Lion having set up a Drobo in 2008 with whatever version of Dashboard I had then, it all being healthy and you have 2.0.3 installed you will get the same thing…? i.e. is this thing likely to need backing up and setting up afresh with 2.0.3 to work properly with Lion when it comes out?

I have a couple of 2Tb WD Black Caviars on the way and could backup to one of those and redo everything if necessary but I’m hoping not to, I really want to swap out one of the 3 x 1Tbs I have and fit the 2s and get on with stuff (oh yeah, I’ll stick the end of the vac in it too since the thing seems to be a bit of a dust catcher :))

Anybody got any experience with this?

I updated to 2.0.3 and so far it seems to be working with Lion. No need to change anything on the units themselves.

I noticed that sometimes with 2.0.2 Drobo Dashboard would forget about the DroboPro. It would act like it was no longer connected. Even though the unit worked just fine. After looking in the Console logs I could see that the DDAssist.app was crashing. A reboot would bring it back, but eventually it would crash again. Now with 2.0.3 that bug seems to have went away.

I installed Lion today and dashboard 2.0.3. I have 2 Macs on the same network as my Drobo FS. one Lion and one Snow Leopard. The Mac with lion and Dashboard can’t connect via dashboard, but finder connects fine. The mac with snow leopard still connects fine. I tried restarting the Lion mac and restarted drobo dashboard several times, but it won’t see the drobo. Any suggestions to get Dashboard working on Lion?

I think I know why Dashboard couldn’t see the drobo. A couple of my firewall preferences were changed when I installed lion.
“ddservice64d” was blocked there are two other Drobo services that were set to allow connections. I’m installing Lion now on my other mac, so I shut the drobo down. I 'll add a reply after I restart it.
That was is

Yup, for me too.

For those who don’t know, go to:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall > Advanced

And make sure DDService64d is set to “Allow incoming connections”.

(Hint for Drobo devs: By signing your software, this would have happened automatically).

OK here are my latest results.

I used a Snow Leopard iMac to update my DroboFS to latest firmware.

From my Snow Leopard iMac:

[]the Drobo Dashboard on the iMac is v1.8.4
] and reports the DroboFS firmware is v1.2.0 [4.28.xyz]

From my Lion MacBook Pro:
[]the Drobo Dashboard on the MacBook Pro is v2.0.3.xyz
]and reports “Looking for connected devices…”
[*]Lion Firewall is off for this testing/procedure

In both cases, the Drobo FS is hardwired to an Airport Extreme, and both computers are wireless to the same Airport Extreme.

But even though my Lion MacBook Pro can see the FS via the Finder, the DroboDashboard on my MacBook Pro still can not see the FS. DroboDashboard on the Lion MacBook Pro just says “Looking for connected devices…” for like 10+ minutes. I also have the Lion firewall disabled on the MacBook Pro for this procedure.

Any suggestions?

Nice, now my Lion MacBook Pro reports the following while trying to access the Drobo FS via Finder:

Anyone know what’s next? I’ve also submitted a formal support request, but wasn’t sure how long that’d take over the weekend.

Thanks KV

With Lion 10.7, Drobo v2 and DroboShare – I had no problems with Drobo Dashboard v1.7.3 and v1.8.4. Drobo Dashboard v2.0.3 did not work for me.

Just wanted to post a follow-up:

I had this related support ticket… Drobo FS share files not visible on Mac OS X Lion after upgrade… open for a while that was escalated, and received a call from Steven at Drobo Support.

Problem solved-- my Drobo FS works great again and it only took me a few minutes to follow their directions (in my case ssh to delete corrupted database files referenced here).

Very glad to have my Drobo back up and running, and wanted to publicly thank Steven for his thoroughness, accuracy, and completeness-- his call was great timing and overall felt like an Apple-quality level of support.

Not sure if something has changed at Drobo internally, but it left me feeling rather confident about buying/recommending their equipment to others as well.

Hope the link/info helps anyone else in the same situation.

I noticed today that DDService64d is now permanently taking up 1 whole core on my Mac Pro. I finally just opened Activity Monitor and killed it.

Drobo Dashboard keeps losing the DroboPro anyway so there is really no reason to leave it open.

Drobo really needs to do a better job of supporting their hardware. How hard is it to get a Apple Developer account. They could have been testing Lion for over 5 months.

Well they never really supported Snow Leopard so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to find bugs in Lion.

I’ve disconnected my FW800 Drobo on Lion while waiting for a new unit to arrive. I can’t seem to kill DDService64d which according to Little Snitch seems to constantly be polling the broadcast address of my LAN and also

Any idea why its doing this? Streaming videos has taken a real performance hit since turning the Drobo off and I’m wondering if this is the culprit.

That’s just the Drobo Dashboard looking for Drobo devices to manage - shouldn’t cause any significant network traffic. Killing DDService won’t work as launchd will just restart it automatically. This will stop it until next reboot:

sudo launchctl stop com.datarobotics.ddserviced sudo launchctl stop com.datarobotics.ddservice64d

Thanks, will give that a go.