Drobo Dashboard 2.8.5 Crashing


I installed the Drobo Dashboard 2.8.5 yesterday on a Mac server running 10.6.5.

The Dashboard crashes when I try to open it.

Anyone else having this problem?


hi szinn, can i check if the drobo was running at the time?

a couple of things that might be worth trying, could be to try shutting down the mac, and rebooting it (just in case the installation process did not fully finish)

and also it might be worth double checking the permission settings as they might need changing again, for example as mentioned here:
(mainly for step 8)

if you can try those, how are things now?


Thanks for the response.

I don’t see any mention of permissions in that article. Drobo Dashboard is crashing. This is not about connecting to the Drobo’s. This is about unable to open the Dashboard.

I have tried:
• uninstalling & reinstalling 2.8.5
• uninstalling then reinstalling 2.8.4
• uninstalling reinstalling 2.7.1 - would not install
• uninstalling and re-installing 2.5.4
• was able to upgrade to 2.8.4

Thankfully, Drobo install saves the versions I’ve downloaded to
users/shared/Drobo Dashboard/updates


ah hi szinn, yes that page is mainly for dashboard running, though the 8th step mentions the permissions. (i should have linked directly to it which was this one)

it may not fix things for you, though on windows, certain permissions or not running of the dashboard service has prevented dashboard from launching properly (where it basically crashes and self closes), so thought maybe that could apply for you too.

in case not, then please hang in there and hopefully another solution can be found


Hello! I’m sorry, that is not the topic! I really like your forum! Thank you, I’m with you)