Drobo dashboard 2.1.2 Lion Mac problem

My drobo dashboard on my mac mini server does not show labels for selections within the program.

Help please.


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Wow, that’s odd. Based on the look of it, it’s like it’s not loading any of the program strings at all. I’d probably check your language settings (perhaps a different language is causing it to not load the right strings?), and if that doesn’t work, reinstall it. I can verify it works fine on my US English Mac Mini with Lion Server 10.7.3.

Did that.

Still no difference

Anybody from drobo with any ideas?

There could be something about the configuration of your user account causing the problem. Try properly uninstalling Dashboard using the uninstaller app found in library > application support > Data Robotics > Drobo Dashboard, create a new user and log into it, then install Dashboard to see wether or not things display correctly. Just make sure to shut down the computer and disconnect the Drobo before trying this.