Drobo dashboard 1.7.3 causing Kernel Panics


I’ve not had any problems with Drobo software before but my Mac Pro running OS X 10.5.8 has developed grey screen of death syndrome. I’ve narrowed it down to Drobo dashboard having run the machine for several days with no problems after uninstalling it.

I’ve just reinstalled Dashboard, ran an OS X software update and bang - kernel Panic straight away. So I’m confident that is the root cause.

Questions is where can I get older versions of Dashboard to try out?

Anyone else having similar issues? I’ve found other reports of KP caused when a drobo is attached.

I think it was the 10.5.8 update that causes the conflict with Dashboard 1.7.3.

Please open a support case.

Hi Jennifer

I’ve opened a support case. In the mean time anyone know if its safe to use a current firmware Drobo with an older version of Dashboard?

I have version 1.3.1 Dashboard installer, but the Drobo itself has a firmware that post-dates that versions of Dashboard.


Yes that is fine.