Drobo Dashboard 1.61 Win 2000

Hi All,

I’m trying to install Drobo Dashboard 1.61 on Win 2000. I attempted to install it over my previous version (1.5x) and I got an error message (more on that in a moment). I decided that the best approach might be to uninstall the old version before installing 1.61, so I did. That didn’t help – the error recurred.

The error occurs as the installer reports it is “starting services”. First, Windows reports “The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL”. After some more time has passed, the Drobo Dashboard installer reports " Error 1920. Service Drobo Dashboard Service (DDService) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services"

I am working in the system administrator account on the computer.

I think that with Drobo Desktop 1.61, something has changed that makes it non-Win2000 compatible. I’ve followed online suggestions to verify that the PSAPI.DLL is properly registered (regsvr32), and I’ve validated my Windows installation using run>sfc /scannow and /scanonce.

Can anyone help me with this problem? At least, is it possible to obtain Drobo Dashboard 1.5x to roll back to the working version?


Please open a support case.