Drobo Dashboard 1.6.0?

Release notes are up:

…but the download appears to be MIA? Anyone find get it yet?


“We are currently experiencing download issues with our server.
We appologize for the inconvenience and are actively working to resolve this as soon as possible.”

I downloaded and installed it yesterday … no changes for me (drobo 2nd gen.).

Do you have the DMG still by chance for maybe a MAC? The website is down and I need to install it on my new Mini.

No. I’m a PC! :smiley:

I have the DMG. PM me your email.

Dashboard v1.6.0 (PC)


I just upgraded one of my drobos and things are worse. This particular drobo is connected to a mac mini which is running 10.6.1 with no problems. Therefore upgrading should be no problem??? Wrong. After upgrade the drobo no longer has the correct icon, and the 1.60 dashboard does not see it.[hr]

I did read the upgrade PDF and did disconnected the firewire cable prior to the upgrade I decided to reboot a second time and upon second reboot all seems well. Thanks Drobo

Now the Dashboard starts automatically on user login under Windows 7 (and most probably Vista too). It’s no longer needed to do any magic tricks in order to circumvent UAC-imposed startup limitations, thanks to the service-GUI architecture. So, it’s time to delete those carefully crafted Sheduled Tasks, Vista/W7 guys :wink:

Good to hear!

Quick question…

Why isnt Dashboard for the mac automatically updating with this release?

I can manually download, but curious why it isnt seeing the update automatically.



It’s not an auto-update.

What qualifies as an auto-update?

When you get prompted that there is a new firmware/software update, that would be an auto-update.

Well it’s a bit confusing that when an update shows up on the site, and it’s not an auto update. Why wouldn’t all the updates be auto?

Sometimes updates are released for specific customers for specific reasons so they are manual updates.

Also, we like to have them as manual updates so our servers aren’t over loaded with everyone hitting them and updating at the same time.

Liking the newer look but still not seeing multiple partitions that disk utility made, any idea when that will be fixed and I might think about using the latest build?

And a fix for the insomniac drives issue introduced with v1.6.0 on the PC version, please :wink: