Drobo Dashboard 1.5.19930

If you quit dashboard, the correct capacity lights will show on Drobo.

Ah … Thanks

Hello Jennifer,

I applied 1st. the firmware update 1.3.5 and then the Dashboard update - hoping that this issue is solved.

Unfortunately the problem persists. I went back to Dashboard 1.2.4 and everything works again.


Today the Dashboard displayed first the correct used disk space, but after a while it changed and displayed empty partitions… but all my data is still there… puhhh…
And no, I don’t have created any partition with an other tool. I started with 3x1TB and created a 2TB partition with the Dashboard. I recently extended with 1x1TB and the Dashboard created another 2TB partition automatically.

Windows Vista x64
Dashboard 1.5.1 [1.5.20000]
Drobo 2nd Gen with Firmware 1.3.5

@nils, try running CHKDSK on your volumes.

@Jennifer: chkdsk didn’t find any error. I downgraded the Drobo firmware to 1.3.4 and the DroboDashboard seems to work better.

PS I forgot: I did not had the problems with the Drobo LED’s. Only the Dashboard showed an empty Drobo. My Drobo has all the time six blue LEDs lit.

Jennifer: When will DROBO post information regarding a fix for the lack of recognition of partitions in the dashboard firmware upgrade 1.5.1.? Also, where will the information live?

We are sorry you are experiencing this problem. This issue is showing up when customers have created multiple partitions using a disk utility, such as Disk Utility (Mac), Disk Management (Windows) or another third-party utility. Most of the reports have been from customers upgrading from Drobo Dashboard version 1.2.4 or earlier. While we are investigating this situation, rest assured that it is purely cosmetic: the volumes still mount and are accessible. Please continue to check our support website and knowledge base for updates.