Drobo Dashboard 1.5.19930

I have two partitions (HFS+) on my Drobo (2nd generation): 1. Time Machine, 2. other stuff. Recent versions (1.5.1/1.5.0) of Drobo Dashboard do not show both partitions and the correct storage capacity. Only one partition shows up.
Dashboard version 1.2.1 shows both partitions.
Any ideas?


Same situation with my 1st generation one. 4x500G drives. 500 G Time Machine partition and 1.5Tb Archive partition (which now does not show up) Help.



Think I am having the same problem… Yesterday everything was fine, installed the 1.5.1 update today and now my Drobo is misreporting my data and not accounting for all my partitions. I am also on a Mac…

I have the same issue … only 1 partition is displayed (out of 3 and 1 of those I do not keep mounted) … so now my Drobo’s capacity looks almost empty … This NEEDS to be fixed ASAP! Prior to this update, the dashboard reflected the Drobo’s capacity on just the Mounted partitions … which was 2 of my 3 partitions … This update makes my Drobo look almost empty


Has anyone contacted support yet? Is everyone affected a Mac user?

Please open a support case from our website and we will investigate the issue when the Support Desk opens on Monday.

Update - I unmounted all my partitions in preparation for the firmware upgrade and now the dashboard reflects what I believe is the correct “Used Space” of my Drobo … unfortunately, the blue lights on the Drobo still are all off (I’m roughly using 25% of the capacity of the Drobo so I should be seeing some lights

Update 2 - Applying firmware 1.3.3 fixed the blue light issue … but once you mount the partitions, the blue lights go out

I need to know the following for our engineers:

What OS you are running?
What firmware/dashboard you are on?
Did you use dashboard or disk utility to partition your volumes?

I think I’m seeing the same thing. I recently added a hard drive. This put me just over the 2GB mark which I had set for my volume size. I allowed the drobo to format the remaining portion into a new volume. Once I did this, I see only what I believe to be the new partition. It shows only 128 megs out of the 2 GB space to be used. The blue lights are out on the front of the drobo indicating it thinks it has no data on it. However, I can still access all the data on my drive from the OS so I know it is there. I can also see both volumes in the dashboard, but it shows the used space on the main one as just a dash (-).

Firmware 1.3.0
Dashboard 1.5.1
OS: Windows Home Server

If anybody has opened a support case please private message me the case number.

Just wanted to let you know, we are actively looking into the issue and thank you for your continued patience and assistance!

OK so this isn’t 1.5.19930 then. It must be 1.5.20000, the one for MS Win. AFAICS in these threads about the bugs in DB 1.5.1, the affected users have almost only been MacOS X ppl, not MS Win. You’re pretty much the exception – I’m on Win XP SP3 (Home Ed), but I decided under the circumstances and from what I saw in the old Drobospace Forums which were thrown away recently, to be very defensive with 1.5.1 and also FW 1.3.3 so I haven’t upgraded. I’m on USB2.0 after giving up on Firewire 800 under Win XP – I know it seems to be more stable on the Macs.

Hopefully these issues with DB 1.5.1 will be resolved soon by yet another bugfix release


I upgraded to 1.5 on Mac OS X (10.5.8) and it stopped showing how much disk I had used and only showed partitions. After several rounds with Drobo support they told me they have a bug in 1.5 relating to multiple disk partitions when the disk was partitioned using Apple disk utility. I assume a fix will be available at some point.


I no longer need case numbers PM’d to me. We are aware of the issue and working on it!

Just an info:
I’m running Windows Vista x64, Drobo Dashboard 1.5.1 [1.5.20000] and Drobo 2nd Gen with Firmware 1.3.4 [1.251.20303] and I DO NOT have this problem.

@Nils, did you create separate partitions thru disk management?

FYI, I’ve got this problem with:

What OS you are running? - [color=#0000CD]OSX 10.5.8[/color]
What firmware/dashboard you are on? [color=#0000CD]1.3.4 / 1.5.1[/color]
Did you use dashboard or disk utility to partition your volumes? -[color=#0000CD] I did it a very long time ago, so I’m not 100% sure, but I think it was disk utility. [/color]

It was the same on previous firmware, and only had this problem since 1.5.1. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, as I think I’m getting close to about 75% of space used…I think…so will be looking to upgrade disks soon :slight_smile:

Jennifer … Do you have a update on this issue?


This is all the information I have:

We are sorry you are experiencing this problem. This issue is showing up when customers have created multiple partitions using a disk utility, such as Disk Utility (Mac), Disk Management (Windows) or another third-party utility. Most of the reports have been from customers upgrading from Drobo Dashboard version 1.2.4 or earlier. While we are investigating this situation, rest assured that it is purely cosmetic: the volumes still mount and are accessible. Please continue to check our support website and knowledge base for updates.


Jennifer … Thanks … I think the issue is it works, but I have no clue how full the drobo is …