Drobo Dash 1.7.3 cant see my DroboFS

this is annoying. I just got the unit on Tuesday and Drobo Dash can’t see it. rebooting my pc occasionally helps as does changing my ip address.

Also while the Dashboard cannot connect i can ping the FS and view the smb share from it.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I’d guess its down to your firewall settings[hr]

wow that worked.

hehehe, no problem, not so much “wow” as a 5 second search on the knowledge base :wink:

I don’t even have a firewall and the named ports are available via my router! Still the same problem prevalent!
But to make it sure: The port 5000 and the port range are both to be blocked SEPARATELY (i.e. 1x 1 port and 1x the range) and both for TCP & UDP or only TCP?
Additionally my router is offering port opening only for either Drobo OR my laptop (it seems) so for which device do I have to (primarily) open it in the router?

It even worked yesterday, but I had to log in again, as I just reinstalled Windows 7 freshly! But after I did NOT log in (as I didn’t have access to my password manager at this time [yes I don’t know most of my passwords :stuck_out_tongue: Got over 1000 entries in my database]), and now it doesn’t even show the login screen. -.- I have DHCP activated and Drobo should still run on it.

edit Just changed the workgroup to sth. I used sometimes, but didn’t change anything, so it seems I didn’t put it in the drobo.
Also deactivated IPv6. Is this necessary? I heard it helps, but no relief as of yet…

How can I manually access it, i.e. is there an internal (non-DHCP) IP address, as there is for my router? I only found stuff for the DroboPro & those IP’s didn’t work.

You need to allow the ports on your computer’s firewall. Your router’s firewall configuration is to allow things from the outside world to come in to your network, which you generally don’t want to do, and even if that’s something you do want to do, you’ll need to get the local network connectivity figured out first. So close those router ports.

edit Guess what: Most recent drobo dashboard version fixed it! lol So much for “network settings etc. at fault”.
Sad I can’t strike out or spoiler my old response.

bhiga, wow, of course, where else? I was talking about my routers INTERFACE!

I understand most of the stuff, just the instructions on the kb-/FAQ-article are imprecise! And my router is a bit tedious to configure.

By the way, the kb article information is even partly wrong. The given port range is one unit larger than the factual common port range, so I can’t even go that far. Thus after trying to add the range, my router gave an error message, as this is of course duplicating.

And haha it seems you don’t understand a bit, the task here is to OPEN the named router ports! LOL As the section you put those is call “port release” (if I translate it) in my router. Because by default most of them are closed…

I will try out some other stuff now and report back…

Perhaps I am misreading your response, if I am, I apologize.

From what I read your problem was that Drobo Dashboard (on your computer) couldn’t “see” your Drobo FS.

Unless the two are on different networks, or you have a very high-end (i.e., not SOHO) router, both your FS and your computer are both on the LAN side of the router, and effectively their communication is like they are on the same switch.

The router settings commonly called port forwarding and port triggering are for allowing traffic between the WAN and LAN sides of the router. Since both devices are on the LAN side, and as you said your router does not have a firewall function. This is also why, as you said, your router configuration only allowed for the ports to go to one device (your Drobo FS or your laptop), because essentially the router is “connecting” its WAN IP address and port to a LAN IP address and port. That’s why it’s a one-to-one relationship.

Again, that has nothing to do with LAN-to-LAN communications though.

The KB article, inaccuracies and all, is written in reference to the computer/workstation’s built-in Firewall (XP/Vista/Win7 Firewall, for example). You can tell this from the reference to “allowed program list” - a router as a strictly-network device only knows about traffic, not about what program is generating that traffic. Some traffic is program-specific, but it wouldn’t be able to say something like “Allow FTP traffic from CuteFTP, but not from WS_FTP” - only the computer running those applications would know which one is generating what traffic.

Regardless, happy you got things working, but I still recommend un-doing the router changes.

Now, if you are trying to make your FS accessible from a device on the WAN side (any random Internet address), then it’s a different story…