Drobo Cycling Between Free & Not Free

My 2nd gen Drobo is experiencing odd behavior. The Drobo has enough free space, until I reboot the computer. Then the Drobo reports not enough free space for a couple hours, then it clears back to enough free space. Today, without rebooting, the Drobo switched to no free space, then after a couple hours it reports enough free space. Right now, when I look at the physical drobo lights, there are 7 lit. When I look at the Dashboard, 10 are lit. The free space in the Dashboard says 3%, however, there is no warning that there is not enough free space? When I click on check for updates in Drobo Dashboard, everything is up to date.[hr]
It’s also causing the finder to freeze up and when I restart the computer, the restart will hang for 30 minutes to an hour on the shut down process. The computer is stuck on the grey screen after the logout but before the shutdown. If I power the Drobo off, the computer shuts down.

Right now the finder reports 4.16 TB used, Dashboard reports, 3.78 TB used with 1.63 free space. The red light to replace a drive came on the hardware drobo, and just turned off? Capacity is 5.43 TB reading from the Drobo Dashboard.

I’m confused - is the Drobo full or not? The 10 lights seriously concerns me, as a disk should never be filled that far. Weird Things™ happen, even aside from Drobo’s (I had this happen to a USB backup drive last weekend). There is always a certain amount of disk housekeeping going on, and when the OS runs out of space to do so, things get just plain weird. Slowness, inconsistent failures, etc.

If the disk pack isn’t that full, then that’s a whole different weirdness.

hi, also maybe you are using the drobo as a mac-equivalent of swapfile area?
or maybe a drive is failing, and being ok again?

The only time I can think of when the capacity gauge changed and went haywire was on Windows when I had the Drobo mounted in two logical locations (one mount point, another as a drive letter).

Not sure if the same can/does happen on Mac OS, but worth looking into.

hi bhiga, would the use of the older window subst also cause 2 logical locations?

if so, maybe there is a mac-equivalent which had a program set to use some drobo folders with mac extended folders?