Drobo critically low on capacity

I reached the same conclusion. I have disabled the iMac auto shutdown to see if the Drobo remains mounted if the computer continues to run. Did a quick google for a time based disk eject app though nothing obviously came up.

Status update. Drobo continues to run fine but for the fact the iMac must be left running 24 hours/day since (following reformat/partitioning) the Drobo it will no longer automatically remount following any scheduled sleep/shutdown. Not completely unworkable though I would be interested to learn if anyone has been able to address this problem running Sierra 10.12.3.

thanks for the update, this is interesting.
there must be something about the sleeping/resuming process that isnt working properly (or not working together nicely), as based on what you mentioned things are fine when the computer is not sleeping or shutdown.

i seem to remember reading something about a newer version of mac, not automatically connecting (or mapping or mounting) any devices that are not 100% apple secure or something like that… possibly as an effort to encourage mac users to stick to buying apple products, or earphones that dont have a standard jack? (or possibly just with good intentions) :slight_smile: but there might be a way to configure a mac to auto accept/mount to a non-apple devices, and possibly if there is a sierra support link on a mac maybe a way can be found?

The quandry is that the Drobo was working fine on this Sierra iMac for the six months following connecting up in Aug 2016. My initial post sought a solution to low space issues. The failure to remount automatically following scheduled overnight shutdown only started following the reformatting & partitioning of the Drobo.

My Drobo S indicator lights have been slowly blinking yellow lights for about a week and my iMac will no longer recognise the drive. I looked around a few sites and saw this is meant to show that the Drobo is protecting data and it should not last too long. It has happened before but stopped after a few hours. What does this mean when it won’t stop for an entire week?

i guess quandries are everywhere, almost as much as sundries :slight_smile:

(hi tpicard i saw your newer post, and will reply here for you)