Drobo Created New Folder on It's Own (lost+found)

Windows XP-SP3
DroboFS Cat5 hardwired via building to Switch
(3) 2-TB HDD’s
New installation 01/2011

I called Tech Support about a week ago to inquire about the transfer speed of data from the existing CPU on my small LAN used as a P2P File Store to the Drobo as Primary Storage. It took far longer than it ‘should’ have, but then the speed was throttled by my NICs as well. Long story short: The Tech(s) had me do multiple things that (according to each of them about the other) were inappropriate for my DroboFS: [list=1][] Hook it direct to the CPU’s NIC bypassing the LAN; and
] Power it down without disconnecting it from the LAN.
[/list]While the Techs were personable and patient, their help was… uh, not.

Now my once pristine Drobo has lightly mangled files and I’ll need to undo my work putting all data back on the original File Store CPU, reset the Drobo’s DiscPak thereby (sort-of) deleting all data, and start over. OK. I can deal with this. It’s a pain but it could be far worse.


The DroboFS has created a folder titles “lost+found”. I’ve never encountered this before (but I have no Unix experience). Is this:
[] Something Drobos automatically do?
] Something from DRIs flavor of Samba?
[] Something from the latest firmware upgrade?
] FM? (Fancy Magic)
[/list]Can anyone enlighten me about this?

It is a Linux thing: http://tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/lostfound.html

Ahhh… thank you! So it is the Samba OS. Well, I learned two valuable things from this: (1) The OS did it; and (2) since lost+found is empty I made out OK. Whew!

Thanks again!

It’s the linux filesystem itself. The Samba layer just profiles standard SMB/CIFS (Windows file sharing) compatibility.

The equivalent for Win/DOS is the DIRxxxx.CHK and FILExxxx.CHK files generated by Chkdsk when there are recovered files or folders.

OK, I think I’m beginning to get it. I thought Samba was a version of Unix and DRI had customizd it further. Now I understand. And DRI’s not using “true” Unix but Linux, which is essentially the same thing with a different name save a few key peices. Yes?

linux is a form of unix, there are several different versions (or flavors) of linux, from full fledged desktop OSes with GUIs, to small lightweight custom designed versions, which is what drobo uses, they picked what they want, left out the stuff they don’t need.

samba is a windows compatible file sharing service. it’s run by linux to allow windows machines to access files.
AFP is the apple version.

Thanks. Lots to learn. Back to school again…