Drobo Copy

I would like to set up a Drobo Copy to backup data on our SAN. The problem I am running into is that there are directories that have very secure permissions and a default administrator does not have access. Is there a way to run Drobo Copy or Drobo Dashboard as a different user that would be able to capture those files?


Forget abt Drobo Copy! Just use any block-level or byte-level imaging backup tool to “ghost” those smart volumes. Also don’t forget to look for those w/ de-duplicaiton & compression! Not to mention Encryption, since you did say “secure permissins”.

I was hoping to take advantage of the tool because it backs up only new/changed files.

If you are running in a Linux or Mac environment then use the rsync command-line utility.

If you are running in a Windows environment consider looking at Robocopy or a windows version of rsync.

Thanks for the options. I have thought about creating scripts for my backup but I am not giving up yet on the Drobo Copy utility. Does anyone know what user Drobo copy uses to connect to remote directories? (Logged on user,Service user or other?)

Logged on user.

So Drobo Copy tasks will not run unless the computer is logged in then, correct?

It needs to be able to see the source/destination.