Drobo Copy doesn't Sync?

I need to sync drobo so it has the same data as a 3tb drive on my computer. In the end I’d like to have it set up so that if either drobo or the local drive were edited the data would be synced. I started looking at Drobo Copy but it looks like it only copies files from one location to another. Is there a sync option that I’m missing or should I look into another program to do this?


Looks like you have an FS. What computer do you have?

pc / windows7

Has anyone used Windows offline files before? If so do you think that would be a stable way of syncing?


It seems promising

Some people here have suggested MS Sync Toy before, I have no experience of that, I have a Mac and use rsync for all this type of tasks.

After messing around with the windows 7 sync feature I ran into 2 problems. You cant modify the hard drive that it gets synced to. It automatically syncs to the C drive. pretty lame if you ask me. I also had problems modifying the files that it synced to the C drive so, I think I need to find a different solution.

Is rsync hard to set up? I don’t do much command line stuff

I too use rsync, both to back up data from my Mac to my WinXP system, and to back up directories on my Drobo to USB hard drives.

You could make a batch file with lines like the following to sync from H: drive to T: drive.
“rsync -av --exclude=*.tmp --delete h:\MyStuff t:\MyStuff”

(I use the rsync that comes with Cygwin, but there are other more native Windows versions too.)

Note that rsync does one-way copies and will not consider changes on both ends. For two-way copying, look at Unison, which I also use:

There are two things that make Unison less convenient to me. First, it requires somewhat more user interaction because it’s really comparing two data sets and resolving conflicts. (You can tell it to assume newer is always better, though.) Second, it’s MUCH more disk intensive than rsync. rsync by default considers only timestamps. Unison calculates hashes for the actual data on both sides of the operation. Therefore, Unison is much slower than rsync.

Will microsft synctoy work with nas? I used to use it with connected drives.