Drobo.com/start broken

I’m not sure if this would be the place to address this but I can’t think of any other place to ask. So I recently purchased a Drobo 5D and when following the installation process, the instructions point to the drobo.com/start site. I’m supposed to select my model (5D in this case) and the page has nothing there.


Ive emailed the web folks from the support page but havent heard anything. I called the support line but they had no idea what to do.

So basically, I’m stuck with a Drobo loaded up with 20TB of HDs and no way to use it.

hi ximple, there is a rebrand taking place on the site, but this link should hopefully work for you?

Thanks for the info Paul.

The link does not work for me as it comes up with a Internal Sever Error message. Actually, the whole Drobo site is down at the time of this posting. I’ll try back later.

Update: The site and link is working! Thanks Paul! Too bad the normal way is not working. I should also mention that the support link : http://www.drobo.com/contact-support/ is broken too.

thanks, i made a new thread here for website problems as there could be more found over time:

for your 5d link am glad its working, and i always try to keep it simple :slight_smile: or in your case, “ximple” :smiley: