Drobo causes Windows to freeze

My Drobo suddenly started to freeze Windows on my computer.

It usually starts with some applications then I have to hard reboot the computer.

When attaching the Drobo to the computer I get these errors:

Encrypted volume check: Volume information on cannot be read.
A timeout (1000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the LanmanServer service.

I get the same errors on a anther computer. Though I haven’t waited until it freeze because that takes about 2 days.
I’ve contacted the support and got the Drobo exchanged.
I did a chkdsk /x which fixed some MFT problem, but still same problem.

I’m no getting a new power cord from the support, but I’m not sure if that will help.

The only thing still left to do is format the Drobo but it takes a while to transfer all data to another drive and then back :frowning:

So does anyone have some suggestion?

Encrypted volume check, that’s an odd one…

You haven’t enabled EFS on the Drobo volume, have you?

If the problem persisted after the Drobo exchange then it’s definitely an issue either the drives or the filesystem stored on them.

Random side questions…

  1. Is the Drobo connected to a UPS or surge protector?
  2. Have you tried a different USB or Firewire cable?
  3. Can you mount the Drobo on a non-Windows machine, if so, does it hang there too?

is your drobo encrypted?

if so - how is it encrypted? (i.e. what program / what settings?)[hr]
damn beaten by bhiga - im busy troubleshooting my own RAID issue :P[hr]
damn beaten by bhiga - im busy troubleshooting my own RAID issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Waves at Chris You’re still 8 posts ahead of me… err, 7 now. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree.
It’s not encrypted so I have no idea why Bitlocker wants to interfere.

  1. No, no UPS. It’s connected to a power strip and the power strip is connected to a thing measuring how much Watt is used and then to the wall. But on the other computer I’ve tested there’s only a power strip.
  2. I’ve tried one USB and on Firewire cable without much difference
  3. I haven’t tried on my MacBook Air. Will NTFS work there?

The good thing is that it’s only down to two error messages, before there where alot just when connecting but I think most solved when chkdsk fixed MFT. But unfortunately it still hangs :frowning:

I can also mention that two drives in the Drobo is changed after the advice from Drobo Support.

Hmm… Not sure if MacBook Air will mount NTFS or not. Probably extra software is required.

Does your power-measuring device also measure input voltage?

It’s not the most-common cause of trouble, but “dirty” power can often cause weird issues with electronics, for example the power supply to Drobo might drop just enough that one of the drives power-cycles, which might cause a timeout situation.

Again, it’s not common, but it’s a possibility.

I once had a really bad filesystem corruption in the MFT and I couldn’t fix it, so I had to back up, reset and restore. It wasn’t fun, but at least I had a backup.

Definitely worth doing a backup, regardless. Best of luck, hope it gets sorted out!!

No, I don’t think it measures that.
I have now removed it and got a new power cord from Drobo so lets see whats happen.

OS X can mount NTFS read-only.

You can also download this free extension to mount NTFS Read/Write on OS X. Works great, very stable.

I have often used OS X Disk Utility/Drive Genius to repair a NTFS volume that chkdsk couldn’t fix.


Seems to be solved by a new power cord.

excellent :D[hr]
excellent :smiley:

Great to hear! Sometimes the answer is simple. :slight_smile:

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