Drobo Capacity Issue

I bought a DroboPro a few years ago and slowly added drives until I now have 8x3TB of storage. the guy who set it up for me ensured it was a “redundant” back-up, which I believe means it will cut my storage capacity in half.

I now have the 24TB of space but it seems when I go over 8TB, things freeze up. When I upload video it just stops…then I delete some video files from the DROBO and it uploads just fine afterwards.

How can I be maxed out at 8TB? Is this from how it was set up? I’m not real smart about these storage products (as you can probably tell). That’s why DROBO has been so good for me. Any ideas how I can fix this? Other reasons it would seem to be maxing out around 8TB?

hi i dont have a pro model, but usually one of your largest drives is used for redundancy,
eg 1x3tb
if you have dual redundancy mode available, DDR (and enabled) (which is not a bad thing to have) then it takes 2 of yoru largest drives.
eg 2x3tb

so assuming you have DDR, then its 2x3tb already taken up,
and that would leave 6x3tb = 18tb (*0.9 for formatting overheads etc = about 16tb of usable total drobo space)

im not sure what computer system you are using, and how many drive letters you can see, or how the pro has been set up in terms of volume sizes/limits, but if you can provide any more info it could be useful for me or others etc.