Drobo can't record data on new drive

Just before maxing out on the existing capacity, I added a new drive. Drobo seemed hapy and the dashboard shows the additional capacity.
Today drobo needed to start to use the new drive on my 1st file addition I get a message that
“There is not enough room on “Drobo” to copy all of the requested files…” When I check Drobo dashboard it shows me that 2.06 TB is available.

Any idea what the cause might be? Any help grately appreciated.

Run the File System Repair Utility built in to your OS.

It started working! The original issue occurred when I was adding files using iTunes. Here is what I did before it started working, I manually copied couple of large folders to DROBO, it did not complain and files were copied correctly. Following that everything worked fine. I’m not sure that was a coincidence but I am happy now.