Drobo cable issues

I have a 1st and 2nd generation Drobo. The second generation Drobo is plugged into a Mac Mini’s FW800 port. I’d like to be able to plug it into a FW400 port. Do I need a special cable for this, or is there some sort of adapter?

When unplugging the Drobo from the Mac ( say when upgrading Dashboard) can I unplug it from the Drobo? That is, does it matter which end is unplugged? The Mini’s FW800 port is fragile and in an inconvenient location.

What happens if you upgrade Dashboard without unplugging the Drobo ( and only put it to sleep)?



fw800 is 9 pin, fw400 is 6 or 4 pin.

you just need a cable with the fw800 at one end (for your drobo) and the correct 4 or 6 pin fw400 port on the other end, aside from that they are compatible.

it doenst matter which end

it should be fine (drobo will work fine without dashboard running - you can close dashboard, upgrade, and then restart dashboard, drobo will continue to function regardless.) ive never disconnected my drobo while upgrading dashboard

Speaking from a Consumer DV Firewire perspective, be careful with Firewire adapters - we’ve seen some trouble with them, even though it should be a perfectly fine electrical adaptation - same as with DVI and HDMI.

The Belkin 6-pin to 9-pin cable seems to be the popular one that works.

But in principle, as Docchris says, they’re supposed to be compatible.

my 4-6 pins ones and 6-9 pins ones are all belkin and are fine