Drobo broken, need data off of Drives

Someone dropped something on my Drobo mini and it will not turn on. I’m desperately trying to get the data off the 4 internal drives. Have a separate drive reader, but my computer(s) will not read any of the drives. Is there any way to get my data?

The file structure is propietary. I’m afraid your only solution is to buy (or borrow) another Drobo to access the files.

hi with the power off,
what happens if you remove all the drives from the mini, and unplug the computer connection cable from it too
and then turn just the mini back on

does it then power on with some lights etc?
if so , maybe you can power all off again
and then firmly put the drives back in the same slots (ideally)
and to then turn it on and see if comes back?

if nothing happens after the above, then yes as dragon lord mentions you might need to try the drives in another drobo (but read up on how DISKPACKS work because you must have the power OFF before removing packs or putting them in)