Drobo boot issues

Hi everyone,
Just before I head over to the online support system I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced an issue like this.

My Drobo doesn’t boot properly - in fact the sequence of lights runs correctly until the blue side capacity lights start to load, they go slowly up to 7, then the eighth hangs on the second led from the bottom (90%) and nothing moves forward anymore.

I know that the Drobo itself is operational because I can boot it with the disk pack removed - at that point it’s also showing up in the dashboard without any problems. However, the moment I re-insert the disk pack, the situation repeats.

I believe I may be facing some sort of disk related issue but the drobo has never reported any problems!! :confused:

I would appreciate any suggestions

how full is it?

you may need to contact support as they will be able to tell you at what stage of the boot process it is hanging

how long have you left it like that?

If I remember correctly all drives are in the green, with about 30% of total free space.
Right now it’s been about 3 attempts 30 minutes each.
Does it make a difference if I leave it for 20 minutes or 2 hours? It’s just a tiny operating system it should be up and running within seconds and immediately report disk error if such exists.[hr]
OK it seems that I freaked out a little here, but the data loss would have been immense as the error popped up exactly after my computer crashed while doing a master backup :confused:

My Drobo Pro just finished rebooting, reported errorneous amount of disk space, and after running DiskWarrior came back to live.
I am worried that one of my drives might be dying and I don’t know which one so it seems that I can’t get around contacting the support to find out what happened.

Thanks for the quick response Docchris!!!

Well this has officially turned into the worst night of my drobo experience since 2008… :confused:
Apparently something went very very wrong with my main Drobo Pro volume, fixing it with DiskUtility and later with DiskWarrior has resulted in full access to my data, so there is that.

Unfortunately the volume in question has also shrunk in the process from the thin provisioned 16tb down to 2.2tb (system reports the disk at 16tb, but the volume at 2.2) forcing my hand towards data restore consuming my available capacity.

This is not a good practice, and as a suggestion for our dear Drobo engineers: Please, PLEASE!!! you must incorporate additional algorithms for drive file system/partition consistency checks. It is insane that a simple computer crash during data transfer nearly explodes a multi-terabyte array.

Well, they are performing a sleight-of-hand here - they’re making a smaller volume appear much larger, and unless disk utilities are aware of the thin provisioning nature of the filesystem, they’re going to muck it up. I agree there should be some way of the Drobo running its own internal fix process, whether to repair filesystem damage, or just to repair the thin provisioning that might get whacked by “normal” disk repair programs.

Since the capacity lights show the “real” storage in use, it’s dependent on the filesystem. Thus the filesystem “confusion” that was there probably holding up the boot.

If you really only have 2.2TB of actual data, I recommend picking up a 3 TB external drive and backing up to it. The peace of mind alone will justify its cost.

j@bhiga thanks for the advice, you’re absolutely right with the backups.
I have 2 additional backup units - one is my Drobo v2 for all personal and work data backup coming from the pro, as well as a separate external drive for just the most sensitive data. Everything else would be a biatch to lose but not a disaster.

I just think that the Drobo internal checks are simplistic and insufficient. Hell, I’d be happy to pay 50 bucks extra for a specialized firmware version with advanced disk and partiiton verification capabilities licensed from some other company. Who says Drobo has to do it all on their own.

@diamondsw I think that’s exactly what happened - the rescue software restored the directory structure but screwed up the thin provisioned partition…
I created a new volume and now I’m moving everything like a retarded 3 year old from drobo partition_A -> to computer -> back to partition_B… awesome… :wink:

That’s a great idea! Drobo could partner with one of the vendors have a DiskWarrior Drobo Edition or something like that.

Even a diagnostic-running USB stick (for some future models with a host USB port) would be useful.
Or a diagnostic stick/disc that could be booted from a connected PC/Mac. I’d go for that too.

Simply put, some kind of “Drobo-aware” diagnostic and repair utility.
I’d love for it to be free, but I wouldn’t be opposed to paying a nominal fee if it falls into the “most users shouldn’t need this” category.

As an update, Drobo support have diagosed an issue with 2 of my hdd’s.
Apparently something about power cycling the drives.
“SATA driver reports disk 0: channel_failed, doing power cycle”
Don’t know what that means but sure looks like I’ll be forced to replace those puppies soon.

i’d replace them as soon as possible

That’s the plan, just need to put some cash aside, the drive prices are still outrageous.