Drobo blinking, not available in dashboard?

Hey guys, so I am doing my routine thing, decided to watch a few videos off my drobo but then I noticed that I was not able to access my FS through my computer. I went to check on the fs and its blinking green/yellow which usually means its reallocating stuff which makes me assume I will be seeing some sort of hard drive failure soon. Im not worried about that because I have dual disk redundancy enabled. What I am worried about however is the fact that I cant detect the drobo in the dashboard and that I was not notified that this is happening. Is this normal? The last time I had a hard drive failure I received a popup message and all I saw was a red light indicator on where the hard drive that failed is located, this time its just blinking green/yellow.

Edit: Got off the phone with support, thankfully he was able to help be resolve the issue and there was no cause for panic. Everything is as it should be there was just a slight malfunction with the top drive which was going to be replaced anyways so nothing really serious.

thats good to hear mobius