Drobo b810n does not mount via Finder on Mac

I have a new Drobo B810n, connected to a gigabit switch via one of it’s ethernet ports only. A share has been setup that is read/write by all users and guests. The b810n is using DHCP, the network name has been set to ‘Drobo’ and the workgroup has been left at the default value.

On a Mac, in the Finder, under Network, I can see a device labeled ‘drobo’ but attempting to open that to see the share returns a connection failed error: “There was a problem connecting to the server ‘drobo’.”

The B810n is discoverable via the Drobo Dashboard and the shares do mount when selected from the Shares page. When a share is mounted this way, or via the manual method (CMD-K in Finder and type in IP address), the B810n shows in Finder under Network as a server named with it’s IP address and the icon is a question mark.

Having to mount network shares via the manual method (CMD-K in Finder) or via the Drobo Dashboard application is not an acceptable solution. How can I get the shares to mount as they would from my Mac Mini server (or any other server for that matter), through the Network in a Finder window?

The Drobo firmware version is 3.5.12 [9.39.86249] and the Drobo Dashboard version is 2.8.5 [87185].

**** EDIT: 4 February 2017 ****

The ethernet port bonding is now working through the Netgear JGS524Ev2 switch. No further change in behavior with the network discoverability of the B810n through the Finder.