Drobo B810n does not let me write to it

Please note that this problem was also posted here.

This has recently started happening. Whenever I try to write a file to my Drobo B810n the transfer rate drops after 2 or 3 seconds, the transfer stalls and i get an error saying that the file could not be written. The shares then become inaccessible through file explorer even though they show up on the drobo dashboard just fine.

when I use the ‘network’ icon in file explorer to try and access the b810n it asks me to log in and to provide credentials. I have tried providing windows and drobo credentials and they both don’t work.

Upon restarting, all my data on the drobo is available and i am also able to access it. The restart also allows for everything to become accessible through file explorer. But when I try to copy a file to it… the same thing happens.

Does anyone know whats going on?