Drobo B810i Data Capacity Less than Expected

We are just setting up our Drobo B810i. Anyone else have one yet? Opinions?

We are using 4x Samsung 850 Pro SSDs in the Icy Dock carriers. But with four we are only seeing 2TB of space. Not the 2.7TB or so we would have expected. Dual Disk Redundancy is not turned on, in fact, when selected, the Drobo Dashboard showed that only 1.7TB of space would be available.

Any idea on why we are seeing much less space? Anyone else see problems with the Capacity Calculator.

Thanks, Freddie

What capacity SSDs are you using?

1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD x4

Hello Freddiecox,
I was able to find you in our database, I will be reaching out.
We would like to dive deeper into this.

Would you generate a diag for you and email to followup@drobo.com

Drobo Dashbboard > Help and Support > Get diags

Thank You

The reason for the lower than expected capacity is that the B810i has build a Hot Data Cache using some of the capacity of the SSDs. That will help speed up transactional read operations.