Drobo B800i - Purchased to test Drobo ISCSI NAS

I purchased my first Drobo, a B800i for an easy to setup iscsi nas that I could build upon, by adding more units. I think the small design is nice. If I go with Drobo I’d be purchasing about 4 of these units, or 4 of the newer ones, B810i units. I need a total of about 64tb storage, and it needs to replicate to another drobo, and also offsite to another drobo.

I came across someone on the net that had a drobo and they said that the battery died. I was like, well replace it. Then the person said it couldn’t be replaced and had to be sent back to Drobo and the cost was $425. They said they were ditching Drobo. To me, i’ve done board level repair and soldering a piggy-back battery to a motherboard is no problem. I thought it was a cmos memory battery. But… I looked on drobo and I’m finding that the battery supplies the cpu, memory, etc. Well, cpus and memory take -3, +3, -5, +5, and sometimes even 1.8. Then I though wow, it’s not just a battery.

I’m not going to get into buying these drobos and have a battery die and the unit not boot. I wont rely on anyone to repair a board or a battery.

Is this true that these have a battery and it can’t be user replaced?