Drobo B800fs


Does anyone know why is so slow delete data. and I also have other problems with this. If I save the file as something big is likely to be interrupted. and gives an error message either a -50 error, or you do not have sufficient privileges??

And, in general, this is very slow to store the data. I have had other nas systems and this is certainly the worst of these, I’m not really happy with this Drobo.

Can you advise if you created a support case regarding this issue? Can you advise how much data you are trying to delete from the unit when you notice it is slow? When you receive the error, are you trying to add data directly after deleting a large amount of data? The Drobo will take some time to go back and reclaim the space that was in use by the previous data, as it will need to reallocate those areas as unallocated prior to being able to use it as free space. If you have not created a support case already, please do so and submit a set of logs from your B800fs so this can be reviewed properly.

Drobo Support