Drobo B1200i - the latest & greatest 12-bay fully redundant model survey

Priced over US$8K, will you consider buying the B1200i instead of getting Qty 3 B800i or a stack of DroboPro or simply go for other brands?

one would hope it performs really unbelievably…

it might not quite have the performance but my DS1511+ & 2 x DX510 have a combined total of 15 slots and costs about 1/8th of that price…

Unlikely becos B1200i only has a 3-legged 1Gig iSCSI and reserved the 4th for Console. I thought if I’m paying almost US$9K for a 12-bay, it better has a Quad 10GbT or 8Gbps FC. Btw, those DS/DX boxes you have are from Synxxxxy or Qxxx? The B1200i is too rich for me and my customers!

9K is insane. Are they even in the consumer/prosumer market any more?

yes - thats why they call it a product RANGE[hr]
rambo - its the synology version, its not bad, not as simple as the drobo but it is more customisable… the usual trade off

Sanity or Insanity, only time will tell but when a 12-bay iSCSI storage priced at this range, they forgot to put the 4th “C”, IMO, the most important factor or C for “Cost” of choosing an iSCSI storage, the other 3’Cs are:
Capacity, Connectivity and Capability.
I guess that means “No” for you. Right?

What are some comparable solutions and prices? I searched google quickly and found an iomega nas for almost half the asking price of this.

On the bright side, maybe it will improve the quality of drobo software as a whole because at 9K customers won’t tolerate any flakiness whatsoever.

its interesting… i think it shows that they have a very good base concept with that beyond raid design and that it can be easily ramped up to any scale etc…

has other features like dual power supplies that can be hot swapped etc

but, that price tag is high… (even if you could get it for the UK £ equivalent exchange rate, which you cant really :frowning: eg £5k instead of $10k, its still pricey…

If i compare things at the moment… you could have a v1/v2 drobo for about £250, full of 1.5TB x4 drives at about £40 each = about £400 for about 4TB space, call it £500 for 4TB space…

with £2k i could have 4 of these, and end up with about 16TB of useable storage space
with £4k i could have 8 of these, and end up with about 32TB of usable storage space.
(i could even have these dotted around different locations for saftey if needed, as its much easier to relocate each one)

sure, it might be better to get a half way house and get a Drobo S or the 8-bay Elite or something, but if for far less money i can get all this hardware and useable storage, for LESS then a bare-bones B1200i system, then i cant see any benefit for me. (then again im a personal home user but still)

There are plenty to choose from. For example: Iomega StorCenter, NetGear ReadyNAS, HP StorageWorks, especially the latest & greatest P2000 G3, Huawei/Symantec Oceanspace … and many others. All priced competitively or aggressively except HP. The ReadyNAS has been shipping Quad 10GbE w/ 10Gbe switch for more than 6 months.

As for the Dashboard and DroboSync, I’m not expecting a whole lot except more technical issues but IMO unless the price of the B1200i is substantially reduced, then this biggest Box w/ biggest Drobo storage model will not be as successful as the Pro & Elite![hr]
RPS (Redundant Power Supply) has always been one of my/our top line item on our bigger & better Drobo wish list. Glad to see that DRI has finally announced this much anticipated 12-bay model. However, I don’t believe the B1200i has SCSI3 persistent support.That means we still cannot use it for multi-host acccesing the same volume (LUN or Smart Volume) for, one of the most important features for any enterprise-graded storage.

It doesnt matter if it has 12 bays or 20 if it has the usual poor performance of the Drobos. Do you imagine paying 8k or more for this and getting less than 60MB/s?

I would like to see a review in the future with benchmarks.