Drobo B1200i controller battery failed

Hello everyone,

I have a Drobo B1200i and this is the third time that the controller battery has failed.
It is no longer covered under warranty or SLA so it appears I’m hooped.
I would like the experience of others as to if I am the only one who yearly has to replace the controller due to the battery failing?
They seem to only last for just around a year before failing.
I cannot be alone in this …

If anyone has the experience I would certainly like to know how I could repair or replace the controller battery myself.
If anyone could provide the steps to do this it would be most appreciated!

Also, if anyone could comment on why this failing occurs that would be great too.
I’m at a loss and simply don’t understand why a battery would continue to fail and render the controller defective. The battery is there for a reason in case of power interruption etc that your data can be written to disk protecting the integrity of the data.

I have had many array controllers over the years with cache batteries but have never had to replace one. Not very good Drobo in my opinion.

hi wilson, im not sure exactly, but i do remember seeing some gas valves/circuits that required an active battery to close the loop, and when the battery failed, the valves would no longer be held open (and hence stop the gas from flowing).

it may just be that the unit needs an active battery to work, though im not sure why yours would be failing often (from your previous posts). i would suggest contacting support and seeing how much even a paid batteryswap might cost, as probably still worth it even if no longer covered etc?

Thanks for your input Paul …

Hello 191612,
Yes, please contact support.

Thank You

I did contact support “Controller Battery - Failed [Incident: 150827-000082]” and they just sent me some useless links and when I asked if they would sell me a battery they said no. This sucks.