Drobo as a Plex Media Server

I have been using my Drobo 5s (Gen2) since 2011, primarily as storage for my plex content. I have grown from 500 Gb drives to 8 TB drives. Initially, it was connected (eSata, USB3) to a Windows workstation, now it is connected to a Linux [Solus] build (USB3). I am concerned about the 5s dying.

Can I simply move my current drives from my 5s to a new B810n and not lose the data on those drives or as the Migration - Drobo page shows, am I limited to moving to an 8D? Could a new B810n function as my Plex Media Server using the Plex DroboApp? Is the B810n capable of supporting transcoding 720p or 1080p output? How many simultaneous connections could it support?

No, drive from Drobo S (Gen 2) can only migrated to Drobo 5C, 5D or 5D3.

What Drobo can I move my drives too:
Can I move my disk pack ( drives ) from one Drobo storage device to another?

I’d recommend against using your Drobo as a Plex server, using the Plex DroboApp. It will work, but much functionality will be missing. For example, transcoding is pretty much off the table, so you’re stuck at the video resolution that was downloaded. I had issues playing many files from Plex when my Drobo itself was hosting Plex. Even subtitles were difficult to display.

What I do now, instead, is I store all my media on Drobo, but my Plex Server app is on a PC/Server that runs only Plex. The transcoding and subtitles now work, and I can have multiple users watching at once.

Drobo is great at a lot of things, but Plex is not really one of them.

I hope that helps!



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