Drobo Apps with b800i???

After recently purchasing the Drobo b800i, I assumed that Drobo Apps would come with all Drobos but I don’t see any. Am I missing something??? Media sharing was one of the big reasons why I decided to go with the b800i…

assuming apps can be used only on drobo NAS but not iSCSI SAN offerings. we’re able to access apps on our 5N but not our 5D or B800i. Would definitely be nice to have the option.

DroboApps are only supported on the NAS products as they have the filing system local to the Drobo (and hence can easily access files on the filing system).

The iSCSI product doesn’t have a native filing system (that is on the host servers that are using the Drobo as storage), so there is no access to the filing system from the Drobo itself.