Drobo Apps updates

I was surprised to see today that my Drobo 5N2 had an update waiting for Apache. I haven’t seen an update in a loooong time for my Drobo, so my first reaction was “It lives!”.

I used to dabble in compiling my own versions of apps from source from an old wiki on droboports.com, created by an ex-Drobo Software Engineer, Ricardo Padilha (not sure if he’s still active here).

However, I lost access to my cross-compilation VM and the SDK sources are not easily found anymore. So, I have 2 questions:

  1. First, for the kind folks at Drobo: should we expect more app updates to come along? (I’m especially interested in updating my Transmission app)
  2. For Drobo and everyone else: does anyone know how to successfully create new Drobo apps from source? Is there a guide somewhere, or at the very least can the SDK be found somewhere?

Thank you!

So, I got a “new” update to Apache today. Drobo Dashboard is again telling me I have an update for my DroboApps. Again, it’s Apache. Except this time, the “new” version is whereas my currently installed version (from the last update February 4th) is Can anyone from Drobo explain what’s going on?

I was able to compile the latest version of TransmissionBT (v3.00). If anyone is interested, I’ve made it available here:

If you’d like to review the code, you can check the Github page for it here:

For the folks working at Drobo, feel free to add this to your official repository of DroboApps. I would appreciate it if my Drobo would stop telling me I have an out of date app, when my version is more current than the one Drobo proposes. :slight_smile:

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For anyone interested, the latest version of Bash, v5.1:

@DroboMod another one for the repository?

Thanks dom1! I will be updating to 3.0, I feel your frustration about the out of date app issue!

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