Drobo Apps updates

I was surprised to see today that my Drobo 5N2 had an update waiting for Apache. I haven’t seen an update in a loooong time for my Drobo, so my first reaction was “It lives!”.

I used to dabble in compiling my own versions of apps from source from an old wiki on droboports.com, created by an ex-Drobo Software Engineer, Ricardo Padilha (not sure if he’s still active here).

However, I lost access to my cross-compilation VM and the SDK sources are not easily found anymore. So, I have 2 questions:

  1. First, for the kind folks at Drobo: should we expect more app updates to come along? (I’m especially interested in updating my Transmission app)
  2. For Drobo and everyone else: does anyone know how to successfully create new Drobo apps from source? Is there a guide somewhere, or at the very least can the SDK be found somewhere?

Thank you!