Drobo APPS Re-Install

Is there any other way to get the Drobo APPS to re-install on my Drobo 5N. My entire movie, and music collection is on this device. I can see the device on the network with all the PC’s and laptops locally. Without these apps installed I cannot stream the media to any of the DLNA devices on the local network. I use to stream media from the Drobo 5N to my Amazon Fire Sticks as well as other Android devices I have on the home network. The Drobo is a great device that’s why I purchased two of the units back in 2016. Anyhow it would be great if there was a way to get the APPS re-installed.

Anyone know if the company is still producing the device, supporting it, or what’s going on with the “back end” of Drobo support.

Hello there!

If you can still log in via SSH, there are ways to install Drobo Apps via CLI, instead of via the Dashboard interface. Are you familiar with SSH login (using an program like PUTTY)? What apps are you trying to re-install?