Drobo Apps on B1200i - How??

Hi chaps,

Looks as though they’ve changed the way certain Drobo devices access the DroboApps Share.


Check out the bottom section.

I have tried accessing the hidden share, but have been unsuccessful. When I log in to Dashboard and check the Admin options it only gives me the option to change the admin password, nothing else.

Anyone any ideas?

Running multiple B1200i’s and could do with some admin apps installing.


DroboApps are only support for Drobo 5N, Drobo B800fs and the new B810N. DroboApps are only support on Drobo NAS storage devices.

B1200i and B800i are NOT NAS… they are iSCSI SAN storage and thus does not support DroboApps at all.

Hope this clear up

Thanks Don,

Saved me hours of searching the web.

In that case, do these units have any remote admin protocols installed such as SSH? Trying to configure network monitoring and would like these included.