Drobo Apps in Dashboard

Did the good people at Drobo get rid of Drobo Apps in the dashboard?

I have both a B180N and B1200i and neither of them have drobo apps available in the dashboard.

I have both a Drobo FS and a Drobo 5N2. Drobo Apps no longer appear for the FS, but they still appear for the 5N2. I’m running dashboard version 3.5.0. The Drobo Apps are still present for my FS, but they need to be administered via SSH (which is how I always managed them, anyway).
Perhaps an older version of the Dashboard will still show the DroboApps tab for your B810N (I assume your model number had a typo) and your B1200i? It’s strange that the B810N wouldn’t show up, though, as it’s still a supported model and the product page mentions DroboApps (https://www.drobo.com/storage-products/b810n/)

Also, Drobo 5N/5N2 apps should be compatible with your B810n. To install them without the Dashboard, you can drop the DroboApp zip file into the DroboApps share, then log in via SSH and run
‘/usr/bin/DroboApps.sh install’. That will install the app without the GUI.


will give it a try.


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