Drobo APPS do not install on my 5N

I reset my Drobo 5N. Setup local network access and shares. Unit has a valid IP address and I can see the shares locally on all my computers. Have made a few attempts at installing myDROBO and Drobo Access APPS and both failed. At this point I cannot access the unit from the web. It was working before at my Drobo website. Anyone have an idea of what I am missing. Thanks for the time and consideration.

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I have the same problem which I think was caused when I switched ISPs and the new ISP installed their own router. My Drobo 5N - connected directly to the router - cannot update apps or firmware. Either the Drobo update server is permanently down or the ISP must be blocking traffic on some port but I can’t find any documentation on which port. Does anyone know?

At this time, DroboApps cannot be installed via Drobo Dashboard. The Drobo uses an FTP server at updates.drobo.com to download DroboApps when requested by DroboDashboard (or when requested by the DroboApps.sh script on the Drobo itself). For at least several days (my last good access was in November, but I hadn’t tried again until a few days ago), this site has not been responding to FTP requests. (It still answers HTTPS requests but this does not work for DroboApps.) DroboApps will not be able to be installed in the usual way unless ftp://updates.drobo.com returns or there is a Drobo software update. I have no information if or when either of those will happen.

Installing DroboApps is still possible using the DroboApps.sh script via a shell, but you must already have a copy of the package to install. This is not a straightforward process for everyone. Search for directions on obtaining shell access and installing DroboApps via shell.