Drobo Apps Admin & Dropbear have stopped working

I have only 3 apps installed on my droboFS - apache, droboadmin, and dropbear.

They were working fine yesterday, but today none are active… can’t log into the droboadmin page and can’t get ssh access, either.

What gives?

I’m not sure if this is related, but if I try and Mount the DroboApps share through the Drobo Dashboard, I get the following error: “Drobo Dashboard could not mount the selected share because a system resource is in use”.

This error is persistent through restarts.

I am able to browse to the DroboApps share through explorer \DROBONAS\DroboApps\

Try to ssh in as root with password of root.

Have you checked the Drobo Dashboard application and verified that DroboApps are still enabled?


It’s most likely unrelated. If you have \DROBONAS\DroboApps\ mapped as a network drive try disconnecting that before restarting your computer and trying again. The Dashboard can sometimes get confused when you try to check the box for a share that’s already mounted.


I have, and I did. I also unchecked and restarted, tested (broken) and re-checked and restarted (still broken)

Also tried that and no luck.

This is not possible. I can’t ssh while dropbear is not running… or am I missing something?

For your mounting issue, are you by chance using Win7?

My suggestion for getting this working is the following steps:
[]Disable DroboApps in Dashboard and make sure the DroboApps share has been removed.
]Shut down DroboFS
[]Shut down PC
]Turn on DroboFS
[]Turn on PC
]Reenable DroboApps

If that doesn’t work I’d consider opening a support request.