Drobo Apps 2.0 SDK for Drobo 5N

Dear Drobo Developer Community!

I’m happy to announce the availability of the Drobo 5N Drobo Apps framework.

Drobo Apps Landing Page

While Drobo has partnered with key application vendors to enhance the
user experience of our products. A Software Development Kit tailored for
the Drobo 5N has been released for download from the following link

Drobo Apps 2.0 SDK

Please note that DroboApps from diskpacks migrated from Drobo FS onto a
Drobo 5N, should still be functional. However, there is a new mechanism
within Drobo Dashboard for an end user to be able to stop/start a Drobo
App. Most Drobo Apps that were developed before the release of this
Document, will need to conform with these changes. This is further
explained within the Drobo Apps SDK Document.

This thread should be used for feedback on the SDK Document and not for Drobo App submission/requests.

Thank you
Drobo Apps Team