Drobo App Request

I am currently a user of a Drobo S and a Drobo Share and it houses my iTunes library. I have a lot of films and music being managed by the iTunes Database, which works fine for what I need.

The kicker is when you add an AppleTV into the mix. The New AppleTV’s don’t have any internal storage, and the older models have limit storage, so if you want to see your library, your Mac, or PC needs to be on… very economical!

So what I want to be able to do is see my content on my Drobo, without the need to have my Mac on.

Is there a Drobo app, or can somebody build one that does that… allows my AppleTV to see my media on my Drobo without the need to have my mac on and iTunes fired up?

Have you tried Firefly?

FireFly I believe just simply shows any media in the root of your Drobo directory (I could be wrong) as a shared folder in iTunes only. Shared libraries can’t be seen on an AppleTV either.

Essentially, we need the drobo to look like an iTunes library so the AppleTV can see/pair with it.

Yes, you can configure the root folder of Firefly to match your iTunes Library.

I was under the impression that you could just use the AppleTV to browse shared libraries on the network. A quick Google survey tells me it is not so. I could have sworn that my AppleTV (old school gray one) would browse a Firefly server just fine. I’ll have to have a look later on tonight.

(Something like go to the Settings menu, look for Computers and “Add Shared iTunes Library”, and point to the Firefly server)

Ah, that is another thing altogether. I’m pretty sure that syncing is impossible (requires Apple’s Secret Sauce™).

Oh really? I never thought that was possible. I to have the old School AppleTV and thought that when you went to ‘Settings -> Computers -> Add Shared iTunes Library’ that simply added and other iTunes library from another Mac/PC on the network? Now if installing Firefly as a Drobo App could allow me to see the content on the Drobo, then that is essentially a problem solved.

So is there anything you need to do to set up FireFly on the Drobo to tell it to share the content in the iTunes folder on the Drobo?

Cheers for your help, I actually feel like there is a glimmer of hope with Apple’s closed AppleTV system…

Okay so I had a good look at firefly and I am finding something very odd. It doesn’t allow me to change the MP3 path… I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but no matter what I do, I cannot update the MP3 path…

Any ideas how I can fix this… is there a nightly build I could try?

cheers for any help in advance

Check the Firefly conf file. It should be on the DroboApps share, in the Firefly folder, and it is called mt-daapd.conf.

Okay chap I’ll give that a loo see and see what I can find. Thank you.

Cool, i got Firefly to work, but unfortunately you can’t see on the `appleTV as a shared device, so looks like we need a specific Drobo app for that

Yeah, it seems I was mistaken. Even for adicional shared libraries authentication (i.e., Apple’s secret sauce) is needed.

Not all hope is lost though. If we could convince the Firefly guys to talk to these guys, then maybe we could have something that works.