Drobo and time machine

I have given up trying to get my Drobo to work with Time machine (see previous forums)
Is there a way I can utilise the Drobo without using dashboard simply as a large capacity back up?
Or a way to utilise Drobo without Time machine for the same reason?
otherwise my Drobo is going to prove a very expensive waste of money.

yes - you do not need dashboard for drobo to work - it just appears as a big USB drive - you can use it however you like

dashboard is only needed to change the configuration of the drobo.

Does that mean I need to erase my drives and start again?
How do I prevent Dashboard from activating?

You can uninstall dashboard from your computer.



did you click on the link jennifer gave you?

it takes you to a page entitled:

What is the proper way to uninstall and re-install Drobo Dashboard on my Mac?

which seems fair self-explanitory to me!

@Peter…just delete it from your login items list (System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items). That way you can start it manually if you want to but not have it load whenever you log in.

To be fair TimeMachine has been a right pain in my posterior both with and without Drobo. I stopped using it and briefly went back to SmartBackup (what I was using before TM). After that caused one too many kernel panics I switched to MobileMe Backup and in conjunction with a regular drive clone made from Carbon Copy Cloner I’m happily backed up.

I do use DroboCopy to back up a couple of shares on my NAS and some directories on my iMac that I don’t include in my daily routine. Otherwise I only fire up Dashboard occasionally.