Drobo and File Vault 2

Anyone know if the Drobo can handle File Vault 2 (Mac OS X 10.7)?

It uses whole disk encryption and I’m not sure how whole disk gets along with thin provisioning.


I have little Mac knowledge, but generally speaking Thin Provisioning and whole disk encryption do not get along.
Essentially the encryption tries to encrypt every block, so when it reaches a block that Drobo can’t provide because there’s no physical block “behind” it, things go BAD. VERY, VERY BAD.

If there’s a way to set up a encrypted container file that looks like a disk that you can ensure fits into the physically-available storage, then that’s the way to go.

Thanks. That’s what I thought.

The original File Vault did just that. Used sparsebundles that were encrypted. FV2 is whole disk.

Might be nice if Drobo were to add that to the Lion Knowledge-base.

Drobo also checks file system information according to this article. That suggests encrypting the volume (causing Drobo to lose sight of the files) would be a bad idea. I too wish Drobo would make an official announcement about this though.

Does this answer your question?
“Be sure not to use a full-disk-size option when encrypting your data”