Drobo and Aperture 3.0

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I was seeing if anyone uses drobo with Aperture 3.0.1 if so, do you experience that is slow opening up 500gb image library? I know the software is a hog and has many memory leaks but please share your experience.

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I think that if you are using Drobo v2 as a place to keep your Aperture Library, you might find that it is pretty slow, even if connected via FW800.

I would recommend using Drobo as a place to keep your Vault. That’s what I do, and it’s not too bad in terms of speed. (My Library is around 45GB.) In my experience, Drobo v2 isn’t fast enough to keep up with Aperture if you’re using it all the time to store the Library. I’m not sure if Drobo S, Elite or Pro would be fast enough, as all I have is a Drobo v2.

I do use drobo V2, and my Library is close to 2TB. And yes it is very very very very slow. I thought it was Aperture 3.0.1 but when I broke my libraries down to 500gb each it still moved slow, so I may go with your suggestion and use it for just back up. Its a pity though, when I consulted with the salesperson on the phone he assured me that it would be quick enough, thanks for your input

Yeah, I don’t know why Drobo markets the v2 as fast enough for stuff like that, or for DV work. In my experience, it’s not anywhere close to fast enough for those sorts of applications. I do like my Drobo, I just wouldn’t call it a speed demon.

Exactly, if I would of known that I would have invested in the more expensive drobo. Now I am stuck and out x amount of dollars from the drobo and the hard drives

The drives are definitely re-usable. Drobos have reasonable resale value, especially if they’re brand/like new.

Yes you are correct on that, however its just that Its a hassle to do all of that.

If you don’t already have a backup solution, the Drobo makes for a great backup drive.

But as you have found, it’s not so great as an online drive for your application.

If I wasn’t cash-poor at the moment I’d offer to buy yours…

thanks I appreciate that. I actually contacted drobo tech support about it, we went through and he said from the logs that I sent him that my top drive is bad. I have never seen a warning light on it so I just believed him on that. I removed the drive and 18hrs later now I have reboot and still, takes just as long to open the program, actually I am typing out as I wait for the program to open. Oh well it was worth a try, I guess I am going to use it as a backup. He did tell me that other people who use aperture do not use it as their main drive but as a backup. Defeats my purpose of having an ever growing library. My library by the end of the year will be somewhere about 1.5 to 2 tbs for this years shoot alone. I shoot a lot of sports. LOl

Well I guess the good news is, as your Vault grows, your Drobo can grow with it. But I know what you mean, it seems like my (much smaller) Library is always outgrowing my MBP’s hard drive, not to mention my SSD drive that I like to boot from when using Aperture.

Which means changing workflow and getting a larger external hard drive to house my library for day to day. I think I am going to make my workflow this
get rid of uglies
convert to dng
burn to disk
then back up to drobo.
I was hoping to get lazy by using two drobos so that I didnt have to use so many resources to back up my library. Oh well.

Well, I think if you can afford it, a Drobo S might fit the bill. It has an eSATA interface and may (don’t quote me on this) be fast enough to house an Aperture library. You could start another thread in the Drobo S forum asking if anyone has any experience with that product and if so, if it might work for your application.

I will say that everything I’ve read says to store your library on an internal drive. I keep mine on my MBP’s internal (7200 RPM) drive, and it’s reasonably fast.

Drobo S has a faster processor and faster interface, so there’s a reduction in bottlenecking at both the interface and back-end.

It’s still not as fast as a deafening RAID server, but it may (or may not) be fast enough for you.

You definitely get more transfer rate from having more drives as well. We have a DroboPro at work and we’re getting.
30+ MB/sec over iSCSI.

I will look into the drobo pro thanks guys