Drobo all lights static red

Hi had a power failure in the house, and noticed when power was restored, all lights on the Drobo Gen 3 were red. I powered them down, and re-seated the drives firmly, yet this hasn’t helped.

Any ideas if anyone has fixed this?

When you powered down, did you also power down your PC/Mac? If not, when do so, start the PC/Mac before your Drobo.

No I didn’t, let me do that now… thanks

Hi, I’ve rebooted the PC and the dorbo, and its the same…all lights are constant red and drobo dashboard stating health is critical. If I click on the individual hard drives, they are all in good health.

Can you access the drive to read your data?
If so, update your external backup and then we will investigate further

no cannot access drive to read

Can you identify what your total capacity is for your array, and percentage full?
Also are both your Drobo Dashboard and firmware up to date?

I have 4x6TB drives in the unit. When I click on Capacity I get a warning message: “Multiple drives have been removed. Please re-insert the removed drives”.

Going back to the status of the unit, I can see each drive is present and all are in Good health.

Previously capacity was around 60% from memory.

Firmware 3.5.0 [113780]

When I use the computer manger on windows, it shows me Disk 8 and its asking me to initialise with an option, MBR or GPT. Which one shall I click and will this help?

I’m going to assume that the drives you reseated are back in the same slot and order otherwise you will have lost all the data.

You can try to reset (flush) the Drobo but to do this you will need 2 spare HDDs (small capacity is fine)

1 Shut down your Drobo completely (even remove the power cord)
2 Remove all your HDDs (note their order and the slots they came from - I would mark them )
3 Restart the empty Drobo to get it to mount on your PC so it becomes active.
4 Insert the 2 spare HDDs whilst it is running
5 Let the Drobo format them (all green) and perform a factory reset as well.
6 Shutdown the Drobo (remove power again) and remove the 2 spare HDDs
7 Insert you original HDD array in the original order and slots
8 Power on and Restart.

Do NOT remove or insert your original HDDs whilst the Drobo is running or you will lose all data.
Hope this proves useful for your data recovery.
If it does, get some spare HDDs to make an external copy for further peace of mind.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try shortly.

Hi, I did what you mentioned, it worked fine on the two smaller drives.
I put the drives back in the same order and am still getting the same error on the old batch of drives which is “Warning: Multiple drives have been removed. Please re-insert the removed drives”.
Again, all drives are present and the dashboard confirms that all disks are healthy.

don’t know what to do next.

The fact that the 2-HDD array worked suggests to me that your Drobo is operating normally. That moves my interest to your original 4-HDD array and its directory.

As you have a PC, are you able to run a Directory Recovery / Optimisation program on your original array. I noted you mentioned you can’t read it, but you still may be able to access it via such a utility?

Failing that, I would recommend that you log a Drobo Support ticket, as I would not like to suggest anything further that might compromise your data.

I’ve logged a ticked with Drobo, fingers crossed

Hi k15hen, please keep us updated. I’m having similar issues. I also purchased a one time DroboHelp but have yet to hear from them after 1 week. My fingers crossed too.

Hi, i’ve still not heard from Drobo support too, despite sending them all the info they wanted including diagnostics from the unit. Will keep you posted.

no update from support… is this normal?

Hi, did you receive any help from Drobo support?

Took them over 2 weeks to send me their first email and the only suggestion I got was to reinsert the drives. They also asked me a few questions. Hopefully it doesn’t take another 2 weeks for them to get back to me.