Drobo all drives flashing green then orange

I was just using my drobo normally, in this case I mean it was sitting idle was not reading or writing, then all of a sudden all the 4 drive lights started green and yellow (which means to not remove the drive). Then it started to rebuild the array, I’m not sure why it did this can anyone help? My data is still safe as long as I don’t remove the drives/or any drives die in this time period, but its just a little worrisome that all drives could go like that (2x 2 TB WD green, 2X1 TB WD green).

Sounds like one of your drives “dropped out” temporarily. If you really want to know what happened, you’ll have to pull your diagnostic log and ask support.

If a drive drops out temporarily do all the lights flash green/orange or does only the drive that drops out flash green/orange? Where can I pull the logs? sorry i’m new to drobo

If the drive “drops out” (meaning Drobo loses connection to it) then it’s just like pulling the drive out and immediately re-inserting it.

Drobo will go into data protection mode and all drives will blink green/yellow(orange) to indicate that you should not remove any drives during this time.

You can get the diagnostic info from Drobo Dashboard, either in the Advanced section, or from the tray icon - sorry, not in front of my machine right now.

Its actually under drobo dashboard -> get diagnostic information. Only problem is the file ends with a *.txt and I am unable to view it unsing text edit or microsoft word. Any ideas how to view this? If this txt file is a proprietary format then that is not very helpful to admins and regular users who also want to troubleshoot and understand the issues.

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It’s a proprietary format. Send it to Support and they can read it and look for indicators of whatever you’re wondering about.

I reposted a PHP script to read Drobo diag files. Someone else originally posted this script to the old DroboSpace forums.