Drobo alerting about disk removal ?


Today while I was at work I got an email alert from drobo saying I had removed one of the hard drives. Then a few minutes later a second one saying a drive had been inserted.

I was away from home and no one was home so there wasn’t anyone present to physically remove and reinsert the disk.

does that mean a drive could be failing???
the unit is a day old !!! :open_mouth:


It means the disk acted as if it was gone, then started responding again

Either: the disk is failing
Or: you have a bad connection

With drobo off pull the disks out and firmly reseat them

And yes - new disk are MUCH more likely to fail than disks that are a month or two old!

I bought 20 x 2TB WDs last month. In total 4 of them failed in the first week…, (1 never worked… 1 corrupted data … And 2 died…)[hr]
Some people choose to “burn-in” their disks before using them… I.e work them hard to try and make sure they will survive

Drobo support got back top me.
One of the drives was failling !!!

yep - new disks do fail… (google the bathtub curve)

plus of course - although manufacturers do test the disks before they ship them - some do get damaged in shipping… which doesnt always kill them but can cause them to fail