drobo + airport extreme

I just bought drobo & droboshare. I also have airpot extreme.
If drobo is conected with droboshare, I see only shared Drobo (not Drobo itself in Finder - under Devices).
I connected Drobo via USB to airport extreme, I get network shared drive, but I don’t get Drobo under my devices.
Do I need Droboshare to share data in network via airport extreme?
Is there a way to have both: shared and Drobo under devices.

Thx for any help!

You should be able to access the data on your Drobo either by sharing it with the Airport Extreme (Drobo Dashboard will not find it), or with DroboShare (Drobo Dashboard should find it).

They may be named differently, but the accessed data is the same.

I noticed that. But if I use Drobo via DroboShare I only see it as shared (it is connected to my iMac with fw800) and not under devices. Is that how it should be?

Hold on a second. You don’t have both the Drobo’s USB connected to the DroboShare and the Drobo’s Firewire connected to the iMac, do you?

You should be using only one of Drobo’s interface connections.

Either you direct-attach to a computer via USB or Firewire, or you connect the Drobo to the DroboShare via USB, and computers access the Drobo over the network.

This said, don’t use the Airport to share the drobo. Even if the KB say something different, the Extream isn’t very reliable for this kind of tasks.
And more important, you can’t use the drobo dashboard if the drobo is directly connected to the airport!

Best practice is to connect the drobo directly via FW800 to a mac and then share it via the OSX build in functons.

Thx for the help!
Now I have to sell Droboshare or if I’m lucky enough the store will take it back.

good luck fingerscrossed