Drobo Access users cannot see shares

In the past i was able to have my main 2 shares show up on drobo access without any issues however recently when i went to use it i noticed the shares i have both public and private are no longer listed and the only files i can see are the ones uploaded through my phone. did some setting change that i was not aware of or is there a fix for this?

i only use this for me to be able to access the files i have shared through my phone as well as on my PCs, my PCs still have the shares accessible and are mounted with no issues only the drobo access cannot get to them, I’ve verified the username is set to be able to read and write to the shares just don’t show up on access.

hi welchmek, are you able to modify the password on that share?
maybe you could take a backup of the data that the computers can access, and then try changing the password and trying again… does that get any further?

one of the main shares is a public one that one of my PCs has access to without being logged into any account, i have tried making new usernames and changing which folders they have access to but that did not work either.

thanks for the info welchmek,
have you been able to try rebooting the computer to see if it works again?

also could you try fully exiting dashboard, and relaunching it again and to try again, just in case something was locked.

if the problem is still there, and if dashboard can access the drobo, it may be worth trying to shutdown the drobo via dashboard, and then to wait 5 minutes and then power up the drobo again (essentially rebooting it)…

if you can try these when you get a moment, how are things now?