Drobo access don't see share files


I’ve tried averuthing to configure my drobo access, everything seem’s to work fine I can have access BUT all my share files are not there. I only have the PDF manual for drobo, It’s like my drobo access don’t see my files ? What I need to do ?

DroboAccess uses the same username & password as the Drobo.
Would you log in and out of the Drobo, ensure this works.
Then login to DroboAccess.
If you still cannot see the Shares;
Change the Username & Password for the Drobo, keep both simple (do not use special characters)
Restart the Drobo and try DroboAccess again.
If still does not work please contact our Support team.

  • Did DroboAccess ever work
  • Were there any recent changes to Drobo configuration, router or IP address
  • Submit diagnostic file.